FX Firm Joins Mexican Bitcoin Exchange’s $2.5 Million Fundraise …

Bitso co-founder Daniel Vogel

Bitcoin sell startup Bitso has lifted $2.5m to make it easier for a underbanked in Mexico to benefit entrance to financial services.

Among a investors is Mexico-based unfamiliar exchange, Monex Group, that final year conducted $160bn in exchange in Europe, a US and Latin America.

Bitso’s co-founder and boss Daniel Vogel told CoinDesk he believes a imagination of Monex and a other investors will assistance a startup grow from a “strong footprint” of users in Mexico to elsewhere in Latin America.

Speaking from a vaunt counter his association won as partial of a startup plea hosted by Swift, Vogel said:

“We are really meddlesome in a rest of Latin America. There are some places where there’s been a poignant volume of bitcoin activity in Latin America, though there are other places that are very, really quiet. we consider those places are really interesting.”

Other investors enclosed Mexican VC¬†firms Variv Capital and Xochi Ventures, and US investors Digital Currency Group (DCG), FundersClub, Bitcoin Capital and Blockchain Tech Limited. The investment was divided into dual tranche’s, a many new of that sealed final week.

DCG participated in an earlier, undisclosed seed investment.

Hiring spree

When a initial tranche

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