GameCredits – An Exciting Gaming Cryptocurrency That Will Revolutionize In-Game Purchases

I have no idea how I missed this amazing cryptocurrency! Yes GameCredits is one of the few cryptocurrencies that target to be a real business. They are ready to revolutionize Gaming for players developers.

How? They are working to revolutionize in-game purchases and bring developers a monetization based on fair-play rules, already with games under development that have amazing graphics gameplay, GameCredits give its investors a sure future investment in a $3.5 billion dollars market. They have a strong market at this hour and huge support, behind GameCredits are true professionals that take this Project as a regular day-time job.

Providing game developers with a fair-use monetization option

Building games is a massive undertaking and game developers need to spend time making games and not fighting with elaborate in-game monetization techniques. This is where GameCredits comes in. Ease of GMC implementation lets game developers focus on things that matter in the game – quality of content and playable mechanics.

GameCredits API provides a seamless and easy way to implement a monetization option that provides a secure experience for developers and users alike. GameCredits has an attractive developer-oriented low-fee strategy which boasts fees well below any existing distribution and/or monetization handling options. All while keeping

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