Gaming on the Blockchain: Munne Project Review

The first installment of Gaming on the Blockchain featured Moonga, an existing title retrofitted with blockchain technology. That will inevitably be the fate of all online video games, from MMORPGs to first-person shooters, as the advantages of decentralization become obvious.

Many developers, however, are building blockchain-based games from scratch, such as the team behind Munnecoin, a mainstream-oriented proof-of-stake coin with a 90-second block time. You can tell a lot about their target demographic from the promotional video on their homepage.

They created an MMO called the Munne Project to help market their coin and cryptocurrency in general. I was given a test account, and devoted some time to sussing out its strengths and weaknesses. The game is still in alpha, so I cut them a bit of slack, but it was clear what direction they’re going in.


The Munne Project is basically a free web-browser game, a genre not known for storytelling. It takes place in Prohibition-era North America, in stereotypical versions of cities like New York, Chicago, Toronto and Detroit. You are a mobster, and the non-player characters are all associates, rivals, or victims of your criminal behavior.

The details of your surroundings are fleshed out by the various missions you can perform. NPC

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