Garzik Predicts ‘Chaos’ If Changes Made to Both Fee Structure and Block Size

Bitcoin core developer Jeff Garzik sent an email to Pieter Wuille on July 22 in which Garzik spoke against the implementation of a fee market and also said that Bitcoin’s block size “will be increase eventually,” so it would be best to do so without adding a “second period of chaos and disruption” with a change in fee structure. He said in the email:

“First, users market are forced through this period of chaos by ‘let a fee market develop’ as the whole market changes to a radically different economic policy, [one] the network has never seen before. Next, when blocks are consistently full, the past consensus was that block size limit will be increased eventually. What happens at that point? Answer — Users market are forced through a second period of chaos and disruption as the fee market is rebooted again by changing the block size limit.”

A month ago, Garzik submitted a bitcoin improvement proposal, or BIP 102, to increase the block size of bitcoin to 2MB until a consensus is made between core developers and those participating in the block size debate. In it, Garzik proposed to double the bitcoin block size

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