Gavin Andersen: Bitcoin Network is Increasingly Unreliable

Gavin Andersen: Bitcoin Network is Increasingly Unreliable

Since attending the invite-only Satoshi Roundtable last week, Gavin Andresen, the Chief Scientist of the Bitcoin Foundation has offered some reflection on the happenings on his blog.

As is to be expected, Andresen mainly focused on the main subject of the weekend, which was the very hot topic of increasing the Bitcoin block size to 2MB. The issue has been contentious in both public and private forums for many months and leading up to recent issues with Bitcoin transaction delays and some very bad press about Bitcoin as a whole. Many hoped that what would result from the roundtable is the leaders being a step closer to a consensus on a good short and long term strategy is from best and brightest minds within the Bitcoin community.

Due to the nature of the discussions, which were under the “Chatham House Rule,” no names, identities or affiliations can be disclosed by the attendees, however a full list of who attended can be found on the event’s Read more ... source: TheBitcoinNews

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