Gavin Andresen Agrees, Mike Hearn’s Bitcoin Exit ‘a Whiny Ragequit’

Bitcoin Developer Mike Hearn’s departure from the project last month created many stories in the mainstream press about how the end of Bitcoin may be near, but pretty much everyone left in the Bitcoin community has disagreed with Hearn’s overall position. The former Google employee, who is perhaps best known for his work on Bitcoinj and Bitcoin XT, claimed that the centralization of development power in Bitcoin Core, the centralization of bitcoin mining in China, and a myriad of other issues led him to come to the conclusion that Bitcoin is a failed experiment.

The Bitcoin community’s overall response to this declaration was likely best summarized by Bittorrent Creator Bram Cohen, who called Hearn’s exit from Bitcoin a whiny ragequit. In other words, Hearn quit Bitcoin because he couldn’t implement the changes he wanted to see in the protocol.

It appears that even Gavin Andresen, who was Hearn’s main partner in the development and promotion of the failed implementation of BIP 101 in Bitcoin XT, agrees with Cohen’s assessment of the situation. In a recent interview with Let’s Talk Bitcoin, Andresen stated:

“I agree with

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