Gavin Andresen: ‘Nothing Bad’ in Removing Blocksize Limit

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In the midst of Bitcoin’s price rise and the dramatic flash crash of DAO and Ether, Core developer Gavin Andresen took to Reddit voicing his support for an unlimited blocksize increase.

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Blocksize Increase: ‘Nothing Bad Will Happen’

The comments were made in response to concerns about an increase to 2MB by longstanding r/btc subreddit user u/Pool30.

“I believe the network will eventually have so many problems, that an increase in blocksize will happen. But 2MB is not enough, lets push for 8MB or 20MB instead,” u/Pool30 wrote.

Andresen replied:

Yes, let’s eliminate the limit.

Nothing bad will happen if we do.

“And if I’m wrong, the bad things would be mild annoyances, not existential risks, much less risky than operating a network near 100% capacity,” he added.

block-size-coverIncreasing speculation has resulted from the changing relationship between blocksize increase and Bitcoin price, as well as between Bitcoin and Ether prices. The situation may well change again following today’s suspected attack on The DAO, with rumors suspecting its entire Ether funds could be ultimately drained by hackers.

Asked whether removing the doubling to 2MB advocated by Bitcoin Classic communities or removing the cap

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