Gavin Andresen: Recent Rise in Ethereum Should Be a Warning to Bitcoin

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For at slightest half a year, Bitcoin Foundation Chief Scientist and former Bitcoin Core lead maintainer Gavin Andresen has espoused that a Bitcoin growth routine has turn too slow. In a new AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Chinese Bitcoin village website 8btc, Andresen claimed that intensity Bitcoin users might demeanour for alternatives, such as Ethereum, if scaling improvements, privately an boost in a block distance limit, are not implemented in Bitcoin soon.

People May Search for Alternatives to Bitcoin

During a new AMA, Gavin Andresen was asked either it is normal for “more complex” solutions, such as Segregated Witness and a Lightning Network, to be prioritized over a “simple” boost in a retard distance limit. Andresen responded by observant these sorts of improvements might take longer to exercise than an boost in a retard distance limit. He added:

“The risk is that people will not be studious and will switch to something else; a new fast arise in developer seductiveness and price of Ethereum should be a warning.”

Lately, Andresen has been a outspoken believer of Bitcoin Classic, that would

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