GAW Miners Sued for Breach of Contract

Electric Power

A Mississippi electric company has filed suit against GAW Miners for non-payment and breach of contract.

According to court documents, Mississippi Power Company (MPC) is seeking repayment of roughly $224,000 in service, as well as nearly $50,000 in costs incurred specifically for servicing GAW.

MPC is looking to collect an additional $73,493.48, an amount the utility claims it is entitled to as a result of the alleged breach of contract.

The suit was filed on 8th April in the Southern District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi. The electric utility is being represented by Mississippi-based law firm Balch Bingham LLP.

In total, MPC is seeking $346,647.29 plus interest and any court fees associated with the suit.

The complaint stated:

“By GAW failing to make payments on a monthly basis for electric service provided by MPC, it is in breach of the contract. Additionally, by failing to complete the one-year term under the contract, GAW is in breach of the contract. Due to GAW’s breach of the contract, MPC has suffered certain damages, including, but not limited to, the Installation Cost, the Monthly Minimum Amounts and the Past Due Balance.”

The lawsuit comes months after GAW discontinued its mining operations.


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