Genesis Mining Black Friday/Cyber Monday Promotion

Genesis Mining, the world’s leading hashpower provider for cloud mining, is announcing a promotion for customers! Genesis Mining provides cloud mining capabilities to those who want to mine cryptocurrencies without using costly hardware at home.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner and Genesis Mining will be doing a sale from 12:00AM UTC on Friday all the way through Cyber Monday (12:00AM UTC Tuesday). During the sale all Genesis Mining products will be 5% off!

Cryptocurrency mining contracts Genesis Mining currently offers:
X11 (Altcoin Mining)

Why Cloud Mining? Mining cryptocurrencies requires the use of sophisticated computer hardware. Most people don’t want to maintain this hardware, and even for those that have the expertise, the costs of energy, cooling, and maintenance often undermine mining profits. Genesis Mining offers cloud mining by giving it’s customers hashpower from an incredibly efficient mine that uses Iceland’s geothermal energy to provide peak efficiency at minimal cost.

For those interested in a cloud mining experience, we have provided a pricing page that will include the Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotion on Thursday at 12:00AM UTC.

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Location: Munich, Germany

Genesis Mining

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