German Arms Vendor Dosensuppe Sentenced to Five and a half Years

32-year-old Christian L, or Dosensuppe as he was known on darknet, was sentenced to five and a half years in prison for selling firearms illegally using dark net markets.

The judge presiding over the case said that he had sold enough weapons to equip a small army. The judge also pointed out that the man responsible for the Munich shooting had purchased his gun on the dark net, but also that Christian L. didn’t have any relation to that, but is known to have provided criminals with weapons.

He served anyone, among these were a 21-year-old man from Britain who plotted to use a sub machine gun to commit murder, a right wing radical that was previously responsible for a bomb attack, and a man who was seen posing in front of an Islamist flag with a Russian AK-47.

Mr. L. admitted during court that the shootings in Munich shed new light for him on his chosen career path, showing him how dangerous and irresponsible he was being.

“For the rest of my life, I will distance myself from weapons,” Christian L. said in court.

In court, investigators were able to prove that he had in fact sold twelve guns, along with six military weapons. Prosecutors had first claimed that he had sold over 65 guns using the dark net.

The judge expressed that he felt 100 percent certain that the defendant had in fact been operating an illegal firearms business, and with just the weapons he had sold were enough to supply a small army.

Christian was unemployed, but a certified optician, but also known as the largest gun runner in Europe, and prided himself on being able to provide all types of weapons within 14 days.

He was busted after customs found one of his incoming packages at Cologne airport in 2014. It held three barrels hid inside a speaker. He wasn’t arrested however, until last year receiving a 5 year and 6-month sentence.

The judge admitted that the encryption used on dark net was so severe that investigators working on the case were unable to decrypt some of the communications, which in turn made Christian’s assistance a must.

In November 2015 a 20-year-old German man was convicted of operating a multi-million-euro drug business from his bedroom using dark net. Within weeks of that, a 34-year-old German man was arrested for dealing arms and was suspected to have sold some of the weapons used in the Paris attacks.

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