German Federal Police Investigated 600 DNM Users Since 2015, Source Says

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Austrian news outlet Kronen Zeitung (Krone) spoke with a BKA official about darknet crime in Germany. The source, who did not reveal a name, said the BKA investigated nearly 600 darknet drug buyers and vendors since 2015.

The number of investigations was for vendors and buyers who resided in Germany; outside of Germany, many more had been investigated but they were not Germany’s responsibility to pursue. This increasing number, the source said, was why the BKA joined in the “EU-supported project” to fight darknet drug trafficking.



Weapon vendors, like the one who supplied the Munich gunman with a Glock 17, were the reason darknet investigations became a priority. The majority of the arrests, lately, have been related to the buying and selling of firearms online. However, the 2015-2016 number provided by the source was in reference to drug cases alone.

Cybercrime on the darknet became too much of an issue for a single country to handle, the source said. In 2015, the BKA joined forces with the EU to get support from Europol member states. Law enforcement in this “EU-supported project” shared data and resources for fighting cybercrime.

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