German Fined For Ordering Marijuana

A 19-year-old woman from Augsburg, Germany was fined 800 euros and was ordered to take part in a drug rehabilitation program for buying weed from the internet. It is unclear from where the 19-year-old purchased marijuana, but there is a big chance that she ordered it from the dark web.

According to the Augsburg Youth Court, the woman received an envelope without an invoice and written content, and the silver wrapped package came with 20.56 grams of marijuana inside. Police information said the sender of the parcel is probably working at a bicycle shop in the North Rhine-Westphalian city of Aachen, about 600 kilometers away from the 19-year-old’s location. Since the letter was not sufficiently stamped, it was returned to the sender’s address (to the bicycle shop). The owner became curious when she received it and opened the suspicious envelope. When she saw the silver mylar bag, she immediately recognized that it contained narcotics and contacted law enforcement authorities. A forensic examination of the package showed that the marijuana included at least eight percent of THC.

“If the address of the sender was not right, what did it have to do with the receiver?” Felix Hägele, defending the 19-year-old, asked in court. According to official court documents, the accused admitted that she tried marijuana, but only once and never again. When investigators performed a home search at the young woman’s room, they only found marijuana seeds and a used hash pipe.

The 19-year-old claimed that she did not order drugs, especially not from the dark net. According to her statement, she has no computer at all and did not even know how this part of the internet could be reached. However, Judge Baumann had his doubts about the defendant’s story since the address of the accused was identical to the one on the envelope. Moreover, it is difficult to imagine that an unknown person would put marijuana in an envelope for more than 200 euros and send it to an unknown person. “He [the vendor] wants his money, not the stuff,” the judge said.

“In dark net marketplaces, you can order drugs and all kinds of illicit products in anonymity. To do so, you have to create a special internet account and pay the order immediately in bitcoins, which is a virtual currency,” a detective from Aachen who is familiar in dark web cases said in court.

A brief consultation of the youth judiciary resulted in the stop of the trial with the approval of public prosecutor Andreas Kraus against two conditions. Firstly, the young woman has to pay a fine of 800 euros to the Buntenkreis, a charity helping children in Germany. Secondly, the accused has to take five counseling interviews as part of a drug rehabilitation program in Schwaben.

The 19-year-old, if found guilty of the crime, can consider herself lucky. Many dark net related busts were conducted by law enforcement authorities in Germany, lately. From those who had been arrested and charged, most of them received harsher sentences.

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