German Justice Minister Wants To Create A New Anti-Darknet Law

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For those people who assumed the German government would halt its darknet crackdown in the future, a harsh reality is about to set in. Justice Minister Thomas Kutschaty plans to introduce stricter laws related to deep web activity. Trading prohibited goods and services on the Internet should be made illegal by law, in his opinion. A bold statement, but it is doubtful such a law will ever be introduced.

Cracking Down On The Deep Web Does Not Require Regulation

Up until this point, German law enforcement agencies have been making hundreds of deep web arrests throughout the year. Even though buying and selling illegal goods on the darknet is not prohibited by law, it is a criminal offense. It also appears the law enforcement agencies are doing just fine without additional legislation. But not everyone sees it that way, for some reason.

Thomas Kutschaty, a Social Democratic Party Justice Minister, has a bold plan to crack down further on darknet activity. He wants to create a law which makes deep web activity illegal. A rather strange decision, considering buying or selling drugs, weapons, or stolen data online is already

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