German Media Falsely Links Bitcoin and Darknet To Munich Shooting

Bitcoin is once again making headline news related to a terror attack. According to German media outlets, the weapon used in the Munich shooting has been purchased from the darknet. As is to be expected, this person allegedly paid in Bitcoin for this item, although that has not been officially confirmed at this stage.

Germany has been hit by various terrorist attacks as of late, and the Munich shooting was one of the most horrible events to take place. Law enforcement agencies have been investigating the shooter himself, as well as the weapon used during the attack. Preliminary reports seem to link this weapon to a darknet purchase, albeit there is more speculation than evidence at this point.

Mainstream Media Spreads More False Darknet Claims

Just because everyone seems to assume the shooter bought the gun from the darknet, does not mean there is any evidence to back up these claims. In fact, this allegation was started by several German news outlets, as mainstream media is always among the first to blast Bitcoin and cryptocurrency whenever they can. As most people are well aware of, Bitcoin is the primary payment method on the darknet.


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