German Media Falsely Links Bitcoin and Darknet To Munich Shooting

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Bitcoin is once again creation title news associated to a apprehension attack. According to German media outlets, a arms used in a Munich sharpened has been purchased from a darknet. As is to be expected, this chairman allegedly paid in Bitcoin for this item, nonetheless that has not been strictly reliable during this stage.

Germany has been strike by several militant attacks as of late, and a Munich shooting was one of a many terrible events to take place. Law coercion agencies have been questioning a shooter himself, as good as a arms used during a attack. Preliminary reports seem to couple this arms to a darknet purchase, despite there is some-more conjecture than justification during this point.

Mainstream Media Spreads More False Darknet Claims

Just since everybody seems to assume a shooter bought a gun from a darknet, does not meant there is any justification to behind adult these claims. In fact, this claim was started by several German news outlets, as mainstream media is always among a initial to blast Bitcoin and cryptocurrency whenever they can. As many people are good wakeful of, Bitcoin is a primary remuneration process on a darknet.


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