German Police Busted A Major Deepweb Vendor And Nobody Noticed

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Following a deepweb crack-down promised by law enforcement in Germany, another suspected deepweb vendor has been arrested. While little information is known, the current details indicate the arrestees ran a large scale global operation.

In July, the Federal Police in Germany announced that investigating the deepweb has become a priority for federal law enforcement. This newfound focus came directly from the results of the Munich gunman investigation. The weapon he used came from a darknet marketplace, the Bavarian Office of Criminal Investigation revealed.



“We see that the dark net is a growing trading place and therefore we need to prioritize our investigations here,” said Holger Muench, head of Germany’s Federal Police. Not more than a month later, the deepweb firearm vendor was arrested for his role in the Munich shooting. Many deepweb related arrests have been made following Muench’s announcement, including the famed vendor shop “Chemical Love.

In early September, patrol officers in Neuenhaus became aware of a vehicle occupied by two men. The officers on patrol found the vehicle at 11:15pm. After marking the vehicle suspicious, general traffic control officers conducted a search of the

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