German Police: Counterfeit Euros Running Wild In Germany

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Counterfeit money crimes rose by 42 percent in Germany last year, according to a new federal report. Authorities have attributed the spike in crime to better quality fakes and online sellers.

Fake Euro notes and counterfeit money crimes both rose dramatically in 2015, according to a report released Monday by Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Agency(BKA).

Last year 86,500 cases were registered by authorities, easily doubling data from 2011 and marking a 42 percent increase from 2014’s number of reported cases. All together 112,000 fake bills were removed from circulation in Germany, totaling a normal value of 5.5 million Euros, or $6.37 million USD. This marks a 48 percent increase from the previous year.


Although the 20 Euro note is the most popular bill to fake in the European Union, in Germany the false 50 comprised exactly half of the confiscated counterfeit Euros, with the 20 Euro note coming it at 37 percent. The BKA reported some good news as well. There were fewer faked Euro denomination coins discovered in 2015. Totaling a 25 percent decrease.

According to the report, the stark rise in counterfeit Euros

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