Germany’s Deepweb Crackdown Continues as Another Vendor Gets Arrested


Germany’s Deepweb Crackdown Continues as Another Vendor Gets Arrested In Norderstedt, Germany, another deepweb vendor has been arrested. The arrest took place in late September but details have only recently released.

The 25-year-old was under investigation for suspected drug dealing. Specifics regarding how he landed on the police radar have yet to be released. Several branches of law enforcement began looking into the suspect prior to his arrest. His connection to the deepweb is unknown, save for insider knowledge.

Local police as well as “emergency police” played a role in the raid of the suspect’s apartment, according to local news. Federal police were drawn into the investigation due to the potential scale of the case.

The police conducted a no-knock raid in the early morning and found sufficient evidence to put the man away. His apartment contained 1,500 ecstasy pills, 350g “amphetamine-containing-substances,” and 100g cannabis. The man also had several taser devices disguised as flashlights. Current media is not clear on whether or not the tasers were for personal protection or another item the man sold.



Regardless of the intent behind the weapon possession, they likely contributed to the man’s sentencing. Illicit trafficking of narcotics with the use of weapons is punishable by a minimum of five years imprisonment. On Friday, September 30, the man face an investigator at the District Court of Norderstedt. He is currently being held in investigative detention.

In the apartment of the Norderstedt the officials found among other things 1500 ecstasy, amphetamines as well as electric shock.


This has not been a good year for users of the deepweb who reside in Germany. A simple search of the term “German” on DeepDotWeb provides a solid example. Dozens of vendors and buyers have been arrested within the last year. Just last week a vendor was arrested with more than $100,000 worth of pre-packaged drugs.

Much of the recent German deepweb crackdown stems from the fallout of the Munich shooting. Once police discovered the shooter had purchased the weapon from the deepweb, a new focus emerged.

“We see that the dark net is a growing trading place and therefore we need to prioritize our investigations here,” said Holger Muench, head of Germany’s Federal Police.

Less than a month later, German police arrested the man who sold weapons to the Munich shooter.

Previously this year, German police arrested the five men behind the famed vendor shop “Chemical Love.” During the raid, police found 50kg of total drugs. Later this year, German police followed up with a massive, large-scale, sweep of Chemical Love customers. The nationwide raid netted 63 arrests.

Germany is cracking down on deepweb users. We do not know specific methods used in every case. However, whatever they are doing seems to be working out for them.

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