Ghana Sets up the First African Bitcoin Farm – NEWSBTC

Bitcoin mining has entered the African continent; the very first Bitcoin mining facility in the region is now in Ghana.

Africa has always been a center of attraction for both Bitcoin and fintech-based businesses. The African continent has provided a lot of positive PR to the Bitcoin ecosystem – It has been and still is the testing ground for Bitcoin-based basic alternate financial services. Banking the unbanked is one of the taglines for the digital currency and there is no dearth of the unbanked and underbanked population in Africa. Also, the phenomenal success of M-Pesa in Kenya has given rise to high expectations among the bitcoin community.

Many small and medium sized cryptocurrency businesses have made entry to the African market so far. However, the involvement of international companies as well as local startups was so far limited to service offerings. Now, as a sure sign of improvement in the ecosystem, Ghana has displayed that the country, as well as the African continent, can keep up with the technology. The decentralized nature of bitcoin, making it a global currency has also helped in this effort.

Its Bitcoin After Internet for Ghana Dot Com

According to local news sources, the Bitcoin mining

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