GhostSec: ISIS Has Bitcoin Wallet Worth $3 Million

Following the recent attacks on Paris, GhostSec, an Anonymous off-shoot which actively hacks ISIS efforts worldwide, said that ISIS regularly uses cryptocurrencies to fund its operations. It offered evidence from September, in which the group believed it had uncovered a single address worth $3 million in bitcoins (which would have appreciated significantly here recently.)

The group had a lot more to say during an interview with a competing outlet, NewsBTC, who beat CCN to the scoop.

The Islamic State does use cryptocurrencies as a form of income to fund their ongoing operations and we have managed to uncover several Bitcoin addresses used by them.

Nevertheless, the interview was compelling evidence that cryptocurrencies are perhaps better suited than anything to provide some degree of security, finality, and integrity to digital transactions. Most importantly, it belies the current murmurs that Bitcoin could potentially become just another tool of financial censorship.

Terrorist picture scanThis is not to forgive the funding of terrorism by

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