Global Economic Outlook: Financial Meltdown Fest

Global Economic Outlook: Financial Meltdown Fest

Markets started the year with a bang to the downside. Equities, Oil and Bitcoin have all surprised in the opening weeks and the big dipper ride looks to intensify with even the mainstream media predicting gloom. We survey the global economic landscape and suggest practical advice for financial survival.

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Economic Indicators

World Indexes



Forex Rates




In This Week’s Calendar

Mon 18 January
Japan Revised Industrial Production m/m (expected: 1.4% previous: 1.4%)

Tue 19 January
China GDP q/y (expected: 6.9% previous: 6.9%)
China Industrial Production y/y (expected: 6.0% previous: 6.2%)

Wed 20 January
US CPI m/m (expected: 0.0% previous: 0.0%)

Thu 21 January
US Unemployment Claims (expected: 281K previous: 284K)

Fri 22 January
Canada Core CPI m/m (previous: -0.3%)

Making The News

It used to be the domain of ZeroHedge’s band of Tyler Durdens and other uber-bear bloggers, but now even the

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News from Darknet


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