GNUNet and Netsukuku Are Potential Tor Alternatives

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Ever since the governments around the world started cracking down on the usage of Tor, users have been looking for viable alternatives. Finding such a solution is rather difficult, as one never knows whether or not the third-party service provider keeps user logs. Right now, it seems there are two possible alternatives, although it is still a bit early to tell. Both Gnunet and Netsukuku present interesting options, though.

GNUnet Is Not Your Average Network

As the name suggest, GNUnet is using the official GNU codebase. By making use of a mesh network, it allows for decentralised and randomises connectivity for small networks. However, accessing the GNUnet can not be done through traditional means, such as a browser. Moreover, it does not make use of proxy service either..

But that is exactly what makes GNUnet so appealing, as it is a true peer-to-peer network. This enabled a wide variety of services, including file sharing – both anonymously and non-anonymously – and a censorship-resistant DNS framework. On top of that, GNUnet has its own IPv4 and IPv6 protocol translation.

GNUnet prides itself on being security- and anonymity-centric in its current form. Furthermore, GNUnet is a medium-latency network, whereas Tor or

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