GoCardless Creates Global Direct Debit Network, but Bitcoin Already Has


The world of finance is buzzing with all kinds of new payment technologies that are trying to capture the attention of everyday consumers. With multiple countries around the world slowly evolving to a cashless society, banks will exert even more financial control over our daily lives. Unless a drastic new payment system rears its head, that is. Will it be digital currency? It very well may be, but there will be some stiff competition to say the least.

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Crumbling Financial Infrastructure

Bitcoinist_GoCardless_Hdeo Takeuchi

Bitcoinist_GoCardless_Hdeo TakeuchiIf you take a closer look at the current financial ecosystem, you may find some fundamental flaws. The current ecosystem inaccessible for the everyday consumer — even if it were, we wouldn’t be able to make much sense of it all. Banks, financial organizations, creditors, debts, and bonds, everything has become linked together in a very weird way, making it impossible for us to navigate the waters.

That is perhaps the most important flaw of all: every aspect of the

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