GoCoin and Ziftr Announce Merger Agreement to Offer Merchants a Richer …

nternational blockchain payment platform GoCoin and mobile wallet, eCommerce loyalty and credit card processing company Ziftr today announced they have reached an agreement to proceed with strategic merger discussions.

Together, the team and technology is equipped to swiftly surpass Coinbase and BitPay in the digital currency space and aggressively take on Stripe as a hybrid traditional and digital currency payments powerhouse with a built-in customer loyalty program.

GoCoin is the world’s #3 blockchain payment processor and the only major player processing Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tether and new experimental coins in addition to Bitcoin. With more than 7,500 merchants and a healthy pipeline of over 500 new signups monthly, GoCoin has attracted marquee brands like PayPal, RE/MAX UK, Shopify, CheapAir, eGifter and top Bitcoin mining companies Bitfury, Zoomhash, Hashpros and KnCminer.

Based in Los Angeles, GoCoin has gained recent traction with entertainment companies such as Lionsgate Films, and additional entertainment and ticketing industry companies live in test markets before announcing a broader offering.

Ziftr is a veteran eCommerce company that recently launched ziftrPAY™, a cryptocurrency and credit card payment platform and customer loyalty program that tokenizes credit card information to allow for highly secure transactions. In addition to ziftrPAY, Ziftr has createdziftrCOIN™, a digital coupon coin designed for use as part of a customer loyalty program, andziftrWALLET™, a mobile multi cryptocurrency wallet. ziftrCOIN and ziftrWALLET were both designed to provide an incentive for shopping with digital currency. Whether consumers pay with credit cards or digital currency, they receive “cash back” in their mobile wallets.

“When consumers ask ‘what’s in it for me?’, Bitcoin has a serious adoption problem,” said Steve Beauregard, founder and CEO of GoCoin. “Loyalty points play a key role in a consumer’s choice of payment method, and with the ziftrCOIN loyalty platform integrated into the ziftrWALLET, I believe we can finally give

Originally appeared at: http://www.coinspeaker.com/2015/06/10/gocoin-and-ziftr-announce-merger-agreement-9825/