Gok!llo: Kickstarter & Indiegogo ‘No Longer Suitable for Modern Crowdfunding’

CoinTelegraph spoke with Ram Budime, the Business Development Manager of Gok!llo, a new bitcoin-powered crowfunding platform, on their innovative approach to crowndfunding, why volatility isn’t a concern, and why platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo aren’t suitable for modern crowdfunding.

Gok!llo is a crowdfunding platform that uses bitcoin as a cheaper alternative to traditional payment methods increasing security and reducing costs for project originators. It is incorporated on the Isle of Man and will file for its equity crowdfunding license soon. The platform is expected to go live on September 1.

CoinTelegraph Why did you decide to launch Gok!llo and what problem does it solve?

Ram Budime: Gok!llo’s mission is to provide the Internet community with an effective, reliable, intelligent web platform that lets people or organizations publish their projects and get funded by other people who are willing to support them

Gok!llo uses bitcoin as a cheap alternative to traditional payment methods to increase security and reduce fees charged to project originators – collected funds are immune to bitcoin’s volatility since they are converted to the currency of the project and held in a bank account until the fundraising period is over, when funds are then converted back

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