Gold and Bitcoin Are The New Hot Commodities, According to Kim Dotcom

A lot of people are questioning whether or not they should invest some of their money in Bitcoin as a way to increase the overall value of their savings. The answer to that question is not as straightforward as you might like, but there is no wrong answer either. Your best option is to do your own research before making such a hefty decision. Or you can take Kim Dotcom’s advice; that might work too.

Kim Dotcom Says “Buy Bitcoin and Gold”

It is no secret that Kim Dotcom has no love lost for the current infrastructure of finances and governments. That should come as no surprise either, since Kim Dotcom has been trying to disrupt the system for years, and has been shut down at every turn. And in recent months, he has set his sights on supporting Bitcoin on several occasions.

Some of our readers may be wondering why Kim Dotcom has taken such an interest in Bitcoin as a currency. It is not hard to see the overlap between what Kim Dotcom has been trying to do for years, and what Bitcoin has been doing for years, ever since its inception. The

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