Gold Rush 2.0: Is Gold a Missing Link in Bitcoin’s Economy?

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Bitcoin has seen a fast motion in a fortunes given a cryptocurrency’s launch in 2009.

It usually rose until reaching a arise value of $1,242 per Bitcoin behind in 2013. Soon after, it crashed down to a sub-$1,000 turn and is now hovering around $350.

Needless to say, a fast arise and decrease of a cryptocurrency’s value has done many millionaires while withdrawal many investors bankrupt. The duration also saw a flurry of speculators betting on a fluctuations of a banking from notation to minute, cementing a doubts per a stability.

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Market and Regulatory Challenges

During this roller-coaster ride, Bitcoin has seen many ups and downs, detached from a valuation. The many important debate per Bitcoin comes from a fact that a cryptocurrency is not theme to normal financial regulations, and that it offers finish anonymity to a users. This has pitted many Bitcoin exchanges opposite regulators over indictment of financial fraud.

For instance, one of a largest Bitcoin exchanges, Mt. Gox, was shuttered in 2013 when it was indicted of income send violations by a Department of Homeland Security. Silk Road, a famed dim web hub, was also notoriously compared with Bitcoin before being taken down

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