Goldcoin Invention Promises to ‘Hose Off’ Strip Mining Crypto Pirates


Altcoin frame mining is a new ASIC conflict whereby mining pirates unleash their brutal rigs on essential altcoins and afterwards slick off their plunder until a coin’s problem peaks. Then a profit-crazed crypto hashers pierce on to a subsequent silver withdrawal their plant passed in a water, with a limping blockchain.

Goldcoin’s lead developer, Amir Eslampanah, motionless he’d had adequate of these antics so he combined a new problem algorithm coined, “Golden River.” This newly invented formula promises to fast adjust to incoming hashrate fluctuations and to hose off forward crypto miners looking to flip a discerning dime.

Golden River promises to be even bigger and improved than his 2013 creation that solved a unsolvable 51% attack. Not usually will a problem now fast adjust to hashrate changes, though it will also palliate destiny network congestion.

Recently, Akumaburn explained in a daily refurbish thread:

The downward spikes are a really engaging property. These groups of low problem can assistance palliate network overload and mislay a stream retard distance emanate bitcoin is facing. And a sinusoidal gain, even with immeasurable problem changes, manages to compare a crush energy curve.

The prior problem algorithm achieved a

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