Good Enough to Trade Bitcoin Professionally? First Global Credit Has an Offer For You

First Global Credit, a firm that allows cryptocurrencies to be used as collateral margin to trade stocks and ETFs, has started a search for talent to join their ‘Elite’ Private Trading Group. Membership in the group provides access to a “partly subsidized” professional-grade stocks and currency trading account on the platform.

The company says that while there are no educational or prior trading requirements, traders do need to provide a strategy statement of no more than 750 words indicating how they intend to use the bitcoin collateral to make profits trading stocks, ETFs or currency on the platform.

The “subsidy” works as margin trading as for every bitcoin the trader deposits, First Global matches that with another bitcoin. As the account is classed as professional these 2 bitcoins of collateral initially give the trader up to 20 bitcoins worth of capital (based on 10 times leverage) for stock and ETF trading. At the same time the trader can also move their collateral into and out of fiat currency to simultaneously take advantage of currency price moves. Profit is split between the trader (75%) and First Global Credit (25%).

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