Google Adsense Alternatives for Post “Bitcoin Faucet Apocalypse”

Bitcoin faucets are dead.

At least that’s what I’ve been hearing in the past month or so from Bitcoin faucet owners around the web. Ever since Google Adsense decided to massively slap almost all remaining major faucets I can now say in 99% certainty that you can not monetize your faucet with Google Adsense in the long run.

A lot of faucet owners are currently trying to dump their faucets on Flippa. Personally, I decided to only sell one faucet I owned (Bitcoinker) and keep the other one (Milli). If all this sounds too confusing perhaps you’d like to start out with my previous post, or with my initial post about how to make money from Bitcoin faucets.

So how did I start off June?

At the beginning of June I still owned (aka 99Satoshis) which was banned from Google Adsense. I took some counter measures to try and keep Milli from getting banned as well. These measures included:

  • Disabling Milli’s referral program so that spammers won’t bring in junk traffic
  • Cutting off all “funky” traffic sources to the site

My main goal was to avoid Milli’s detection

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