Grab A Bitcoin Debit Card Now!

The Bitcoin industry, with its unique offerings, is grabbing the attention of consumers, and also that of the ‘potential’ consumers.

It is a sign of a positive outlook and augurs well for the future of virtual currency.

In the latest development, that has the potential to change the dynamics of this field, the has reported that the Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex has joined hands with the Blade Payments with the aim of providing “real-time debit cards” to its users.

As per the details reported, these cards will be able to support payments via Bitcoin easily, without even having to preload it with a fiat currency.

The entire process can be completed without any hiccups, and in comparison to other existing cards the new card will be easier to handle for the users, as it does not require him to first sell the Bitcoin balance in the fiat currencies, before trying to make a withdrawal.

This new card allows users to hold on to their Bitcoin balance and only convert that bit of their balance which is required to initiate and complete a purchase.

However, some doubts arose over the card’s acceptability at international ATM networks.

While trying to clear the air on this issue,

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