Gravatar Adds Bitcoin Support for User Accounts

Gravatar is an avatar platform that works across the internet and integrates with popular sites inclusing WordPress, Disqus, GitHub, and Stack Overflow. Gravatar serves over 8 billion images every day for millions of users.

Bitcoin Magazine recently learned that the company silently released a new feature, allowing users to add bitcoin wallets to their Gravatar accounts.

An avatar is an image that is often used to represent you as a person on the Internet. It usually appears as a little picture, right next to your name whenever you interact with various websites. Gravatar, instead, is a globally recognized avatar, which means that you create it once, and it will then proceed to appear on any Gravatar-enabled websites. Once you upload or create your avatar, the little image will follow you around.

In a recent post, Gravatar announced it has introduced a feature which allows users to add their bitcoin, litecoin or dogecoin addresses. Users will be easily able to purchase goods and services from different supported platforms such as, but also to tip people online for making witty comments, or for helping others. Until now, tipping such users was difficult, as those

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