Greece: ‘A Communal Society Open to Cryptocurrency’

Geopay, a new crypto-business bringing a “universal commerce platform” to the financial tech world, is planning to help Greeks with their sovereign debt crisis.

Geopay offers market solutions for merchants, storefronts and a wide variety of markets. Part of Geopay’s vision is to create a multi-currency, web-based and physical proof-of-stake (POS) ecosystem that provides safe, borderless digital commerce.

“We are entering the age of cryptocurrencies and decentralized exchanges. However, few companies are implementing solutions that benefit everyday merchants and consumers.”

— John Karantonis, Founder of Geopay

The concept is to expand Bitcoin adoption through consumer and merchant acceptance. At the same time, they want to converge fiat, barter, bitcoin, and altcoin remittance into a single, easy-to-use service. They offer a marketplace that differs from most digital-commerce solutions, with an affiliate program that allows users to seek residual income.

Founder John Karantonis, located in Chicago, which he calls the “FinTech capital” of the world, works with Co-Founder Adonis Valamontes, from a town called Sitia in Eastern Crete. Both of them contribute to Geopay’s front end from abroad. Their office located in Florida is their main meeting spot and data center.

CoinTelegraph spoke with Karantonis and Valamontes about their business model and

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