Greece Closes Banks and Stock Markets, Introduces Capital Controls


Greece has closed its banks and imposed capital controls to prevent financial chaos after the breakdown of bailout talks with its international creditors, The Financial Times reports. The decision comes at the end of a weekend that brought Greece closer to “Grexit” – the potential exit from the Eurozone and perhaps the European Union (EU) itself – and confronted Europe with a serious crisis.

The banks in Greece and the Athene Stock Exchange will remain closed until at least July 6, the day after the referendum on the austerity measures demanded by the country’s creditors. In the meantime, cash withdrawals at ATMs will be limited to 60 euros ($66) and transfers abroad will be forbidden. Greece is the second Eurozone country, after Cyprus in 2013, to impose capital controls.

The move is evidently aimed at preventing panicked Greek investors and savers from taking their money out of the nation’s banks and moving it elsewhere. In the days before the predictable stall of the negotiations with Europe, many Greeks rushed to withdraw their money. The Financial Times reports that many more Greeks are trying to withdraw their money now, but they are

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