Greece Proved the Value of ‘Financial Systems Not Controlled by Governments’

CoinTelegraph spoke with the CEO of Coinsetter and CAVirtex, Jaron Lukasiewicz, about their new margin trading program, their plans following the purchase of Canada’s largest crypto exchange, and which global city is the real Bitcoin capital.

“[Greece showed] there is overwhelmingly important value in financial systems that are not controlled by governments.”

– Jaron Lukasiewicz

CoinTelegraph: Since we last spoke, you said that “New York is the place to be for Bitcoin.” Many would argue that London has now become the new hotspot for Bitcoin and fintech. Has it replaced NYC?

Jaron Lukasiewicz: Coinsetter is currently applying for the BitLicense so that we can continue to do business in New York State. While the regulatory environment might not be ideal, if you look at where most US-based bitcoin exchanges are located, they’re in New York City.

“The largest and most passionate Bitcoin community I’ve seen is actually in Toronto.”

Most companies with a bitcoin trading focus also fall into the NYC category. For companies working on blockchain applications that do not necessarily deal with the bitcoin markets, San Francisco might be a better place to be given the easier access to VC capital. The largest and most passionate Bitcoin community

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