Greece to Get 1000 Bitcoin ATMs, Thanks to Cubits and BTCGreece

Greek publication states that the country is going to receive at least a thousand bitcoin ATMs. According to the report, the bitcoin ATM installation will be taken care of by Cubits and BTCGreece, who recently entered into a partnership. These bitcoin ATM units are intended to help small and medium businesses make transactions.

According to the founder of BTCGreece Thanos Marinos, these bitcoin ATMs along with other solutions will prove to be helpful especially for e-commerce and tourism industry in Greece. Since the Greek crisis, the number of bitcoin users in Greece has gradually increased. Without bitcoin, Greeks can’t withdraw anything above 60 EUR per day from their bank accounts.

Spartan Route is another startup from Greece which is currently enabling business to honor invoices by paying with bitcoin to their international vendors and suppliers. While the businesses pay for the supplied with bitcoin, the vendor will be receiving the payment in Euros.

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Another tryst with digital currency comes in the form of Nautiluscoin, which is being adopted as part of a pilot program by Agistri, an island in Greece. Nautliuscoin was created by Brian Kelly, who is the founder and managing member of Brian Kelly Capital LLC, a global macro investment firm with high net worth individuals as its clients.


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