Greed Stricken Bitcoin Miners Threaten Earth’s Power Grid


There’s a legitimate chance that Satoshi Nakamoto will go down in history as the unknown psychopath that created a power hungry crypto big-gulping electricity with abandon, without a single shred of environmental respect.

I started today with the intention of writing a positive article about bitcoin. But it’s tough to put a loving spin on a cryptocurrency that could one day consume more innocent lives than Hitler during the second world war.

Layman’s Terms

Without getting overly technical, Bitcoin’s POW (proof of work) block reward system systematically uses millions of computers to do the work required by a single machine, and all because of one man’s dream to conquer the plant’s money system. If left unstopped, it’s now estimated that bitcoin mining will be responsible for 60% of the earth’s power consumption.

I’m weeping as I type upon these worn out computer keys, thinking of our sweet daughter struggling in a future without the luxury of electrical power. Of course, Nakamoto might have the “last laugh” as he watches the chaos, and all those poor souls mining away, driven to madness by greed, not for a moment realizing that – unless they win a block – their efforts were for naught.


Truth be told, I don’t actually write these words of warning. I’m simply a vessel open to the great absolute, allowing its cosmic light to flow from my fingers.

These words are simply not written by me, they spill spontaneously from the vastness of space, coming from the great void existing before my body’s birth. I’m a reader just like you, absorbing these words now for the first time.

Thank God there’s are alternatives, an altcoin community chocked full of next generation developers creating solutions to Satoshi Nakamoto’s POW (POwer-Wasting) beast.

If you’re reading this story, I encourage you to check out these green innovations, to turn away from the dark side, and enter into the alternatives lighting the pathway unto the future.

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