Greek Cash Crisis Fuels Bitcoin Activity: Bitcoin Demand Jumps 500%

Greece has not been a leading edge market for bitcoin, but the country’s current cash crisis could be making it one. Many Greeks view the cash crisis as a boost for bitcoin, according to a Bloomberg Business report.

Thanos Marinos, who prides himself on being the first to bring bitcoin to Greece a year ago, says bitcoin demand has jumped by 500 percent in four weeks. In a video interview, Marinos notes that when he began the bitcoin exchange, there were five to 10 clients per day. Now there are 15 to 200 clients making deposits.

“I didn’t see it as much as a business case back then,” says Marinos. “The main reason was to bring awareness about bitcoin and block chain technology to Greece.”

More Greeks Buy Bitcoin

A random survey of 10 people on the street showed just two people still had heard of bitcoin. But more Greeks than ever are buying bitcoins.

Thanos is not the only one believing in Bitcoin in Greece. Felix Weis

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