GreenAddress Is First Bitcoin Wallet to Launch Replace-By-Fee Bitcoin Transactions; Miner Adoption Slow

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As of this weekendGreenAddress is a initial Bitcoin wallet to include a replace-by-fee option. With it, users can boost fees on their exchange with a click of a button–a underline welcomed by some, as it increases a odds a miner will embody a transaction in a block. This can assistance exchange get “unstuck” in box of complicated transaction load, and advantages price marketplace dynamics. Others brawl a feature; critics fear that replace-by-fee could mistreat trustworthiness of unconfirmed transactions, as payments can in some cases be reverted.

To exam a feature, GreenAddress enabled a preview of a choice on my possess GreenAddress wallet several weeks ago. This, in turn, authorised me to exam that tools of a broader Bitcoin ecosystem are prepared for replace-by-fee – and that tools are not.

The formula next are formed on ad hoc investigation from my possess viewpoint as a user – not an central research conducted with systematic precision.

GreenAddress from a Sender’s Perspective

The initial test, of course, was GreenAddress itself, from a sender’s perspective. (Tested on a Chrome prolongation chronicle of a wallet.)

Since this weekend, a GreenAddress replace-by-fee choice is switched on by default. (Users that don’t wish to implement a underline need to disable

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