Gregory Maxwell: “Vitalik Buterin Ran A Quantum Computer Scam”

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Being a public figure in the cryptocurrency world comes with prestige and personal attacks. Vitalik Buterin, the visionary of Ethereum development and coding genius, has been active in the world of technology for quite some time now. Before he even created Ethereum, however, he was working on building a computer program to solve NP-complete problems. Or as some people would like to call it, vaporware.

NP-complete problems are decision problems revolving around computational complexity theory. While the entire explanation of this concept can be found on Wikipedia, it is safe to assume this will one of those concepts that is always subject to substantial debate.

Vitalik Buterin And The Quantum Computer Scam

Interestingly enough, Vitalik Buterin used to be involved in this particular field of expertise before he started working on Ethereum. In fact, he was working on a software tool to address these NP-complete problems in polynomial time. Building such a solution from scratch is both time-consuming and costly, though.

According to an archived post from Gregory Maxwell, Buterin was collecting investments from people to fund the creation of this computer program. However, Maxwell strongly feels this was nothing more than an attempt to fund vaporware. In fact,

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