Gresham Law Explains Why Altcoins Will Spit Upon Bitcoin’s Grave


It’s happening much faster than anyone could have imagined, alternative cryptocurrencies are closing in on the preferred payment method of Darknet hackers and crypto thugs across the interweb.

Each day the price of Bitcoin falls by a degree as the altcoins gain more ground on their false prophet leader. Today for example bitcoin was “cadaver flat” as the Nascar-sponsoring Dogecoin (DOGE) rose nearly 7%. Interestedly, the reason behind these evolutionary changes is no fluke – it’s a time-tested Economic Principle.

Gresham’s Law

In economics, there’s a basic law known as Gresham’s Law which dates back to the 1800’s. It states, “when you have two currencies, people tend to hoard the one with greater material value and spend the one with less material value.”

Thus you see the trend of people sitting on their Bitcoins and actually spending and tipping with their Dogecoins. It’s only a matter of time before the crypto paradigm shifts taking Bitcoin to its grave.

Expert financial analyst and freelance journalist, Nikhil Gupta, explained today why Bitcoin will lose the digital currency battle:

There are many investors who bought into the digital currency thinking that one day this “future currency” will gain mainstream adoption and put before them huge piles of cash. It’s this speculative, asset-based attitude is taking away the crucial chance from Bitcoin to cultivate into a true currency …

These truths are not a reality that bitcoiners and their cybercracking associates like to face. Paradigm shifts are often met with resistance by the underlying establishment that benefit most from a static world. But it’s better to wake up and face the music than to rest in peace and later discover the winning contestant spitting on your grave.

Which altcoin will be first to toss a shovel of dirt on the bitcoin casket? Might it be the tip friendly Dodgecoin? Log in below using your favorite social network and share your insights.

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