Growing Pains and Triumphs: BTCMANAGER’s Week in Review for July 24

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Ethereum implemented a controversial hard fork and the reaction has been divided. Meanwhile the qualities of blockchain technologies are being debated and celebrated by governments around the world. This week’s stories in bitcoin and blockchain reflect the growing pains and triumphs of these emerging technologies.

Compiled from contributions by Joseph Young, Diana Ngo and Jamie Holmes

A Post Hard Fork Landscape: The Ethereum Community’s Divided Response

Following the implementation of the Ethereum hard fork, reactions from experts and the community remain divided. Some entrepreneurs, startups, and developers believe the Ethereum hard fork proves the feasibility and practicality of hard forks, while others are concerned that the hard fork contradicts the concept of decentralization which the Ethereum network, community, and foundation claim to stand for.

New Fund Launched in Japan to Invest in Blockchain, AI, VR, Security and Biotech Startups

A new fund has been launched in Japan to invest in startups tackling blockchain, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, security and biotechnology. The fund will leverage DG Lab’s network and research findings on these five technologies to make strategic investment decisions. This announcement reflects Japan’s growing interest in investment new technology.

Estonia and South Korea Top Barclays’ Digital Development Index

Estonia and South

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