Guest Post: A legal guide to cannabis seeds

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 Guest post by ICE Cannabis Seeds

As the law on legal highs enters a new phase of criticism for being overly confusing, with even MPs unclear on what it covers (The Guardian looks at ‘psychoactive’ inclusions), it’s important to be up to date on the legal side of cannabis seeds.

What does the law currently stipulate in the UK and other EU countries?

Cannabis seeds are legal to buy, possess and trade in the UK and in a number of European countries, listed here in full, including Spain, Germany and France. This means the public are legally entitled to purchase seeds online and a number of legitimate companies specialise in seed retail.

The important distinction is that the courts can get involved and prescribe a custodial sentence if the drug that the seeds produce is found in your possession, if you’re found to sell, produce or import it. In essence, the germination and cultivation of the cannabis seeds resulting drug is illegal.

As stipulated in online retail disclaimers, such as with ICE Cannabis Seeds, the seeds are only sold with the intention of collection and not growth or consumption, and only for people aged 18 and

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