Guldencoin Develops ‘Readjustment’ Algorithm To Help Block Chain Mining

Guldencoin, a national cryptocurrency in the Netherlands, has developed a “readjustment” algorithm called DELTA that adjusts the difficulty in mining block chains. The algorithm helps miners generate blocks at regular intervals.

The DELTA readjustment algorithm maximizes the amount of hash power miners have to generate blocks. In doing this, the readjustment algorithm addresses the mining difficulty caused by profit-switching pools. These are centralized mining pools that switch between coins based on the level of coin profitability.

Why mining pools switch coins

The pool normally waits until the chain has low block difficulty (a low hash rate from other miners). The pool then has high hash power and starts mining and finds as many quick blocks as possible until the level of difficulty starts to rise. Once the difficulty rises to a point that quick blocks are no longer possible, the pool leaves to mine on a different coin.

DELTA won’t prevent pools from coming in and claiming blocks, but it will make it less profitable for them to do so, said

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