Gumtree Does Not See Bitcoin As Real Money

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It looks as if some online platforms are holding some-more serious actions opposite Bitcoin-related content, even when their terms of use do not discuss cryptocurrency during all. One Gumtree user had his announcement dangling due to Bitcoin payments not being allowed.

Gumtree Does Not Like Bitcoin Ads

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There are mixed platforms all over a universe where users can post ads to sell their products or services. Gumtree is one of those platforms, and their Terms of Service does not discuss Bitcoin-related sales as being bootleg to accept. However, that had not prevented a height from suspending one user’s advertisement, as he was perplexing to sell a book for Bitcoin.

At a same time, this dismissal does not come as a finish surprise, as Gumtree is under a same umbrella as eBay, another height that does not concede Bitcoin payments. Without their terms of use clearly saying that fact, however things sojourn in a gray area and there is really small users can do about it other than complain.

Pierre, a Gumtree patron representative, stated:

“We usually concede genuine income and this is a reasons because bitcoins payments are not allowed.”


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