Gun Fantasist Posed As A Woman Pleads Guilty

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A UK man who was nabbed by the police after he used an elaborate plan to order a gun on the darkweb has pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to import a firearm and ammunition illegally into the UK. 38 year old Darren Hillyer, a resident of Milton Keynes in the south eastern county of Buckinghamshire, took the plea at a Bristol Crown Court.
darkweb has pleaded guilty to chargesHillyer’s darkweb co-conspirator, the 47-year-old Ian MacPhee from Newton Abbot, Devon also pled guilty to charges of attempting to evade paying duty on an item he knew originated from outside the UK. Court sources indicate that the Bristol Crown Court will issue sentences for the two on or before 30th of October. It is yet another reminder that using the medium of the darkweb to buy illegal stuff is no guarantee that you will evade justice.

Hillyer concocted a profile of a desperate woman eager to exact revenge on a pedophile former lover. He placed an order for a Luger LC9 9 millimeter pistol as well as 50 rounds of

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