Hackathon on IoT, WebRTC, Bitcoin, Telecom APIs

Any developer interested in learning and or Hacking with IoT, Bitcoin, WebRTC, Telecom APIs (or you know someone interested) please contact me to enable me share some resources.

Disruptive Africa Hackathon will be in partnership with Tadhack (www.Tadhack.com) supported by some big names in these technologies and will be coming up October, 2015 with cool prizes to be won.

Also you will have opportunities to demo your hacks to Companies here at home. Who knows they might get interested in your hack and ….. As you know this field is the future and not yet crowded you can build a well-paying career through this. Its better we start build capacity by ourselves before our companies in future start bringing in expatriates over technologies we can handle.

Originally appeared at: http://radar.techcabal.com/t/hackathon-on-iot-webrtc-bitcoin-telecom-apis/1746