Hacker Robs Bank for 25 BTC and Donates to the Fight Against ISIS

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A hacker known only as Phineas Fisher tweeted about his recent donation of 25 bitcoins to a crowdfunding account set up by members of the Rojava region in Syria. Fisher described this cause as one of the most inspirational revolutionary projects in the world today.


Fisher has said that the bitcoin donation, which by the way is listed publicly on the blockchain ledger, came from him hacking into a bank.

“The money did come from robbing a bank. Bank robbing is more viable than ever. It’s just done differently these days,” Fisher wrote in a post on Reddit.

Ars Technica was lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview the hacker, at which time he declined to give more information about which bank he robbed, but did say he planned on making more, and larger donations in the near future.

“There’s hopefully a few orders of magnitude on the way.”

Phineas Fisher not only gives, he takes as well. He has claimed responsibility for attacking and hacking a company that sells spying tools to governments. Hacking Team was breached in 2015. As a result, over

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