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That doesn’t mean that this should be taken too lightly, though, as those who managed to break into the server got away with IP addresses, email addresses, encrypted (hashed + salted) passwords, and perhaps of even more importance, unencrypted private messages.

He added, “Change your plex.tv password for sure (and now would be the time to make it unique/ strong as well)”. The popular service also offers a support forum which has been the recent victim of a cyberattack. ‘At approximately 1pm PDT yesterday (July 1st) we learned that the server which hosts our forums and blog was compromised, ‘ Curtis explained.

Users of the Plex media server and home theater software with forum accounts needed to change their passwords this morning.

All other systems are still online and operational and the company is claiming that because users’ credit card and other personal information weren’t stored in the breached systems, that this sensitive data was unaffected by the hack.

However, this may not be the end of the story. In the meantime the hackers have threatened Plex and stated that they will release the information that was stolen if they do not pay the ransom.

The alleged attacker is demanding 9.5 BTC before the end of the 3rd, and if no payment is made, the ransom will go to by an additional 5 BTC.

The hacker has also mentioned that he is open to receiving payments privately from forum members should they wish to have their data excluded from the list. This is especially true if you happen to use the same password across multiple services.

Plex Forums Hacked, Ransom Demanded For Stolen Login Credentials

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