Hacker Sells LinkedIn Users’ Data for Bitcoin

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LinkedIn, the professional networking site now has millions of users’ credentials in the public domain. These credentials from the beginning of this decade are up for sale on the deep web.

Nothing is private or secure on the internet. Whether it is your photos stored on a cloud platform, credit card information, banking details or login credentials for your mail and social media accounts. If they are not compromised already, then they may get stolen anytime. The same thing happened with LinkedIn few years ago. But who knew that the user data stolen way back in 2012 will return to bite them in the back.

According to the reports, over 117 million email ids and passwords belonging to LinkedIn users are now up for sale on the deep web. These details were allegedly stolen by a hacker/hacking group going by the name of ‘Peace’. LinkedIn had a security breach in 2012, in which the hackers had posted about 6.5 million encrypted passwords belonging to the platform’s users on the public domain. However, that was thought to be the end of it, as hackers, at that time, didn’t bother to post any more of the stolen information. Even LinkedIn decided not to

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